Get rid of warts

Pressure or friction causes warts or calluses, so the skin protects itself by thickening and hardening. Warts usually have a smaller diameter than calluses, and the center is hard.

Warts usually grow on top of or beside your toes and pain. Whereas, calluses are rough but not hurt and generally formed on the soles of your feet and hands.

Ill-fitting shoes usually become the cause of warts and calluses on the feet. Meanwhile, the calluses on your hands arise due to pressure or friction of the device you hold. For example, calluses will arise on your hands if you work using a shovel every day for a long time.

Warts or calluses reduce your skin aesthetics though they ain't dangerous. You can try several ways to get rid of them. Be careful when using a liquid to remove warts or calluses. The salicylic acid liquid can irritate your skin and cause infection, especially in people with diabetes or circulatory disorders.

You can use pads to protect the affected foot.

Consult your doctor before taking action against warts or calluses if you're diabetic or having impaired circulation. Only a small wound on your foot can turn into ulcers difficult to cure.

You can attenuate the thick skin of warts or calluses gradually by means of rubbing using a pumice stone or a towel any time after bathing. Soaking your feet in the water and using alkaline soap can also soften your skin before rubbing.

Never cut warts or calluses to an infection.

In general, you can prevent warts and calluses by using the right-sized shoes or protecting your hands with gloves when holding the tool. You can treat warts and calluses by yourself, but doctors could slice and flatten them if they're enlarged and hurting.

This problem becomes severe when caused by abnormalities of your foot. The doctor will probably treat them through surgery or the provision of orthotic appliance in the form of special footwear, for the warts don't grow again.

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