Don't believe these myths about sex

Sex has always been an interesting topic for discussion. Various information appears related to sex. Unfortunately, not all the information is appropriate.

Here're five myths about sex that ain't appropriate.

1. Using two condoms are better

In fact, in the use of condoms, the more doesn't mean better. By using two condoms, the leaking possibility is even greater. Using a condom properly can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV as well as unplanned pregnancies.

However, a more secure way is not to have sex or faithful to one partner.

2. Natural contraception ain't reliable

In fact, natural contraception can prevent pregnancy if it's done correctly. Natural contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy by not using any drugs or means. Natural contraception uses the indicators of body temperature, menstrual cycles and cervical mucus prior to having sex.

Natural contraception is as effective as contraceptive pill. However, you can't rely upon this method to prevent the transmission of STIs.

3. Sex during menstruation won't lead to pregnancy

In fact, despite the low probability, you could have been pregnant at any other time in your menstrual cycle.

Sperm can live in your body up to one week. So sperm can still fertilize your eggs if you have sex during menstruation, and your menstrual cycles are short.

4. Men can't have multiple orgasms

In fact, it's true. Men need enough time after ejaculation to feel comfortable again. But in fact, men can feel some peaks during intercourse. Men can control their ejaculations, so it can help them to feel several climaxes.

5. The size of the penis can be seen from the shoe

In fact, no study has found a link between the two. The researchers didn't get anything to prove the existence of both linkages.

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