Come practice your intuition

It must come from the subconscious when you'll make a very important decision, whether in determining your future spouse or choice of profession.

Intuition is a powerful means to solve problems, both career and personal life. The decision makers, who take in efficiency, effectiveness and thoughtfulness, always combine the power of intuition with analytical thinking.

The problem is how to build this intuitive power that can be utilized?

The beginning of everything is apparently the belief. Believe you have and appreciate the intuition. Believe you're able to knock the intuition and truly intend to develop it. Believe you'll gain necessary information from your intuition.

There're several steps you can do to train intuition:

1. Practice relaxation

Your mind will relax when your body is in the state. This enables the frequency of brain waves to slow, so your subconscious mind will work more actively.

2. Find time and place to be alone at certainty, so you can hear your inner voice

Disconnect all your negative feelings and thoughts that blockade your energy. Make yourself to think positively. Replace your negative thoughts with more positive statements or delusions.

3. Meditate

It helps you enter a deeper state of consciousness where the answers to your questions will come easier. You can meditate through various means such as candleflame, mantra, phrase without meaning, or even your own name.

Intuition connects you to a giant database. Therefore, your questions must be specific to obtain the answers.

For example, you're wondering to yourself whether you'd move to New York City after your fiancé. Then you shouldn't ask,

     "Should I move?"


     "Should I move to New York City?"

If the answer is yes, then you ask the next information,

     "Should I move this month or the end of the year?"

Some problem solving techniques are:

1. Program your dream

Tell yourself,

     "I wanna dream about the information that'll solve this problem."


     "I'll dream about, remember and understand it."

Dreams usually come in a language or symbol you can understand. Observe the sequence of events in your dream and your feelings when it ends and you're awake. Record omens inside and outside yourself that occur the following day.

2. Make pictures of graffiti

Write down questions you wanna know the answers. Draw whatever comes in your mind and just flows through your hand under the questions. Keep drawing until there's nothing else to add. Look at the meaning behind the images and symbols.

Note the sequence of drawings and symbols. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while watching the pictures.

3. Exercise

Ask one question on your intuition before exercising, then focus. Note the various cues arising during and after exercising.

4. Make a note of dreams

Take about 20 minutes to write down everything you want. Create people, feelings and places you wanna visit. Assume everything is possible. No need to consider the matter of security or finance. Notice what the great themes appearing in your dreams afterwards.

5. Program a success day

Relax in bed before waking up in the morning. Imagine a day filled with success in your inner screen. Set the clock on the screen and move the needle inwardly hour after hour of the morning until the day ends.

Play your inner theater with you as the director. Describe how everything goes smoothly and successfully in your cinema. Use this technique to mentally rehearse before undergoing an interview for a job or anything else you desire.

6. Create a diary

Write down your ideas, feelings and hunches every day. Pay attention to what you write and how you feel when writing. Write down your thoughts and feelings when finished. You'll know the difference between a hunch based on intuition and idea on calculation.

7. Hear your intuition

The more you try to listen and pay attention to your intuition, the higher your ability to hear. So take some time for five minutes every day to listen to your intuition. Ask for assistance, support, guidance, whatever to your intuition.

Trust me you'll get an answer.

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