Children mustn't sleep late at night

Children are sometimes difficult to sleep if they're fun to play at night. Don't let this happen to your children often. This bad habit will disrupt their growths.

You'd be consistent about bedtime.

Children need enough rest and sleep, so that their growths are optimal.

The growth hormone in children works at midnight to one hour after. Make sure your children are fast asleep at those hours. The growth hormone operates if your children are soundly sleeping.

Your children should have gone to bed at 8:00 p.m. This is to ensure children sleep well before midnight in order that the growth hormone works. The body of your children can be tall in that way. Therefore, don't let your children sleep late at night.

Another impact is that your children will wake up late. As a result, they skip breakfast. Their diets are so distracted. It affects their development.

A healthy breakfast can provide energy to your children before the move. Breakfast is also proved to affect learning achievement of children in school. Don't forget to meet the nutritional needs of children during meals.

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