Tips to buy shoes

Shoes that don't fit the size and shape of your feet often become a major source of problems. So choose the right shoes.

Here're some things to consider when you buy shoes.

1. Buy shoes with attention to the caps that're wide enough, so that your toes have rooms to move. Shoes with pointed or narrow caps can hit your toes and cause ingrown toenails, calluses, eyelets and bunion.

2. Buy shoes with low heels. Here, low means no more than two inches. High heels can weigh on your knees and back excessively. Your body is forced leaning backwards to compensate for the raise feet. High heels cause tension on Achilles tendon and pain on toes.

3. Buy shoes with lace. Shoes with lace usually give more space, and the tongues can be adjusted.

4. Buy shoes with materials that can breathe. Soft leather or suede makes sweat evaporate. Vinyl and plastic inhibit evaporation of sweat.

5. Buy shoes in the afternoon. Why? In the afternoon, your feet swell throughout the day. That way, shoes you buy are according to your foot size. Don't buy shoes that're too loose. Try shoes on both feet. With the increasing age and weight, shoe size is also getting bigger.

6. Don't buy uncomfortable shoes. If they're uncomfortable when you try in the store, they're certainly in the future. If any part is deemed to press, ask to widen.

How about you?

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