Prioritize foreplay, interplay and afterplay

The intimate relationship can be described as well as eating. Appetizing of the food appears due to the shape, color, smell and taste, also the way it's represented.

So is sexual intercourse. The environment is for example. Don't do it in the next of the crowded room at all. The atmosphere of the room itself must be supporting.

Then your appearance should be okay. Don't wear battered nightgowns, meet him without makeup and tie your hair with rubber band. He should also not ask for sex after coming home from the repair shop without showering yet.

Such preconditions ain't qualified.

After the situation, conditions and appearance are supporting, the degree of stimulation is growing. Well, getting aroused will accelerate your climax, won't it? Even you can sometimes reach orgasm during foreplay itself.

What're the signs you're already aroused? Physically, your eyes are closed, and you start whimpering. Your body reacts as well, and your vagina is slimy. If you're aroused like that, it's the time to penetrate.

Well, at the time of penetration, if he's able to control himself, he'll know when you'll reach your orgasm. If he's smarter, he can set you up to reach orgasms two or three times, even more, then he's just ejaculated.

It can be controlled. Of course, there're so many ways if he wants to consult with a physician.

After ejaculation, if he feel satisfied and can satisfy you, it ain't enough just to turn around and go to bed snoring. Continue with caresses, massages, plus the words of praise and flattery. Those would leave a deep impression, so that you'd gladly do it again for the next round.

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