Prevent diaper rash in babies

Do you still have a baby at home? You sometimes put a disposable diaper at night. You can go to sleep soundly without being bothered because of the wet diaper.

But be careful in the use of this disposable diaper as rash can occur in babies.

Diaper rash is a red lesion around the groin and buttocks. It consists of several types, i.e. diaper rash due to irritation of the material or to precipitated feces or urine, or because of an allergy; or it could be due to a yeast infection.

Discontinue the use of diaper in case of a rash on your baby. A wet rash is compressed with 0.9 percent of sodium chloride then dried. You may need a steroid ointment if it's very broad and your baby is cranky, but use it with extreme caution.

When it's very wet and itchy, and a fungal infection is there, give an antifungal cream on a doctor's supervision.

Don't use a disposable diaper temporarily to preventing. When your baby uses a diaper, check it frequently. Immediately clean and dry after your baby bowels and bladders. Also avoid the use of tight pants in babies.

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