Unhealthy lifestyle threatens sexual function

Some unhealthy lifestyles such as weight problems, lack of exercise, alcohol and drugs, as well as smoking, are closely related to sexual dysfunction in men.

In addition, an unhealthy lifestyle is more common among those whose sexuality is less active.

A number of unhealthy lifestyles are closely associated with the rise in the risk of having no sexual partner. Meanwhile, if you already have a partner, risk of experiencing sexual dysfunction is greater. If you use cannabis, you have a risk of anorgasmia.

Hopefully, it could be use as a counseling matter if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. If you already know the effects of unhealthy lifestyle, you'd think again not to smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, be more vigorous in exercise and lose weight.

There're many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including something you can't control such as the treatment of cancer or an accident. However, lifestyle and drug use are choices. You can change your lifestyle, especially diet and exercise, and stop taking dangerous drugs, so your sexual function is still running normally.

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