Pain behind backpack

Notice when you deliver your baby to school. There're various styles of children carrying their backpacks. Some put the burden on their backs, but some put on their butts because the strap is too long.

They generally complain of headache, pain in the neck, stiff muscles, tingling arms or lower back pain. It's because of excessive load. You don't realize so many things can be put in a backpack.

It's understandable how the capacity of a backpack can be so great because the construction is adapting the military. In the field of military equipment, backpack is the most efficient to carry the trappings of personal items belonging to the soldiers. With this backpack, their hands become freer to do other activities such as carrying a shotgun, even shooting it though.

Students usually carry loads up to 20 pounds. They complain of sick in the back while some admit to fatigue. They mostly claim back pain is getting excruciating especially when climbing stairs, getting up from sitting or exercising.

Upon further scrutiny, the burdens on their backs are generally more than 15 percent of their body weight.

Fifteen percent of body weight is the eligible maximum load of a child. That's the load of backpack shouldn't be more than 15 percent of the body weight of your child. The goods put into the backpack should be spreadly arranged, so the load ain't concentrated in one part.

Similarly, balance the load between the left and the right. Well, with regard to the load balancing, the correct way is using both shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should also be fairly strong, so the bag lands right at the hip line and close to the waist.

Correct usage is the back side of the bag meeting with your child's back. Preferably, the bag doesn't hang more than three inches below the waist. If it hangs too low, it'll increase the burden on the back and shoulders. If that happens, your child is forced to bend over while walking.

Ask your child to be careful when trying to carry the bag. Bend both knees, so it ain't just by tilting or bending the back.

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