Fasting tips for people with diabetes

What if you're with diabetes mellitus in fasting? Here're some notes that need to be listened to.

You may be fasting if you suffer from mild diabetes whose blood sugar is inadequately controlled with diet and exercise, also by taking medicine.

Eating plan is structured with a pattern of two main meals and two snacks with the same number of daily caloric needs with regular day.

Here's the pattern:

1. Eat solid foods whose value is 40 percent of daily caloric needs at dawn before starting a fast.

2. When breaking, eat 50 percent of daily caloric needs divided into two portions: fresh snacks at first, and solid food 15 minutes later. At this time, don't eat too much because it can raise blood sugar rapidly.

3. Before going to sleep, you may be snacking with 10 percent of daily caloric needs.

Like a typical day, still avoid sweet foods. In addition, fill it with balanced nutrition: enough calories, carbohydrates, protein and enough drinking. Fat and salt are adjusted.

How about drinking? It's the same with the need on a regular day: six to eight glasses. Because you can't drink in large quantities at the time of dawn, meet this need in the evening.

During fasting, diabetes medications are taken when you break, so blood sugar can be controlled. If antidiabetic drugs are taken at dawn, the doctor will usually give you half a dose.

Of course, you'd monitor your blood sugar. It's to be aware of hypoglycemia.

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