What to do with constipation

This one sometimes makes worse. How come? Because you can't defecate for three days, your life ain't peaceful. You see, the stomach feels full. It's just uncomfortable.

Constipation ain't a disease but a symptom of body's irregularities, not serious but quite disturbing. Constipation occurs because the large intestine absorbs water excessively, so the stools become hard and difficult to remove.

Everyone, ranging from infants, children, adolescents to the elderly, is at risk of constipation. You're diagnosed with constipation if your bowel movements ain't smooth, less than three times a week. Your stools are hard and little. Anyway, you often feel your bowel movements ain't completed.

Causes of constipation are less motion, fiber diet and drinking, also age, medication side effects, gestation, muscle disorders and abnormal body structure.

Repeated constipation can lead to a number of problems: appendix, bad breath, body odor, webbed tongue, fatigue, headache, hernia, hemorrhoids, obesity, varicose veins and cancer, particularly in colon.

Make changes to lifestyle by exercising, eating a lot of fiber foods: vegetables, mashed rice, cassava, mung beans, jelly, and less junk food. Have many drinks at least eight glasses a day. In addition, when there's a signal to perform a bowel movement, do immediately, due to delay in habits can also lead to constipation.

Don't take any laxative because it can irritate the colon and make your bowel lazy to do peristalsis to remove feces when it ain't stimulated, so it causes dependence.

If you wanna try traditional medicine, take a thumb of turmeric, washed and pureed. Boil turmeric with one cup of water with a given tamarind. After it's boiling, let stand for five minutes. Strain and drink as well once daily.

Or you can take a half aloe, washed and peeled. The meat is cut into small pieces and then brewed with a half cup of water. Give this herb one tablespoon of honey. Drink while it's still warm. Do it twice a day.

If constipation is often repetitive and lasting more than three weeks, immediately go to the doctor. Usually, the doctor will find out the cause by asking your lifestyle and diet, as well as the presence or absence of the drug you take.

At the initial stage, you'll be given laxatives and advice to change your lifestyle and diet. However, if it's a prolonged constipation, you may need colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy or barium X-rays to determine the cause of constipation. Who knows, there're tumors or other causes.

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