Tips to overcome migraine

Have you ever experienced migraine, usually affecting only one side of the head? The pain is to interfere your activity. You can't even go to work. How to cope with it?

Migraine is a headache that feels throbbing on one side with recurrent attacks. The series of attacks can last for four hours to three days. The intensity of the pain is from moderate to severe accompanied by nausea.

At the beginning of the attack, your vision is dizzy followed by throbbing head and accompanied by nausea to vomiting. You also become more sensitive to light. Migraine usually appears suddenly and periodically.

The cause of migraine is unknown. One theory predicts the originator of migraine is imbalance of brain chemicals that causes narrowing of blood vessels in the head, so the supply is interrupted.

Trigger of migraine varies. It could be hormones, sudden changes in air temperature, emotional factors, physical or mental fatigue, and even certain foods.

The most effective treatment is to prevent migraine attacks by avoiding the triggers or taking preventive medication. Moreover, in order not to be severe, immediately overcome migraine when the signs of attack appear.

Sometimes, migraine will go away after you have relaxation, rest and light exercise. Do this soon as there're signs of migraine attack. If you know the trigger, try to avoid it.

If you rely on drugs to fight migraine, at the beginning of the symptoms, you can take cafergot that contains caffeine and ergotamine to contract the blood vessels to relieve the pain. Analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can also reduce the pain.

If migraine has attacked, reduce the suffering with sumatriptan.

However, you have to be careful to use migraine drugs because they have side effects of constricting blood vessels, so it's dangerous if you have problems with the heart, diabetes and high cholesterol. In addition, migraine medication results in drowsiness, fatigue and nausea.

If your migraine is already unbearable, immediately go to the doctor who'll give you sumatriptan injection within 15 minutes to eliminate migraine symptoms. Other drugs will be given in accordance to migraine cases you experience.

Hopefully, migraine doesn't interfere with your activities.

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