Most effective method to soften meat

When you cook beef, sometimes the meat is somewhat chewy. Here're some ways you can try to make the beef become tender.

1. You can tenderize the meat by wrapping with papaya leaves. Papaya sap contains papain that can tenderize meat. However, don't be too much; the meat will fall apart and not tasty anymore.

2. In addition to papaya sap, you can tenderize the meat with a little use of tenderizer you can find in stores.

3. In order to fastly tenderize the braised meat and oxtail, give a handful of rice in boiling water. When the rice is mixed with meat or oxtail, it means it's already tender.

4. You can take young pineapple; grate and then take the juice. Marinate the meat in pineapple juice for one hour. After that, the meat will quickly be tender when you cook.

Don't forget to buy meat without fat because it's healthier. Happy cooking.

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