Fasting: positive energy for inner-outer

Fasting turns to provide many advantages in terms of scientific and medical sides. Fasting helps you cleanse your body from various toxins and heal illnesses.

Fasting doesn't only have to endure hunger and thirst but also exercise your patience, avoid unhealthy behaviors and control your organs from prohibited things such as gossiping, cursing, lying and passionating.

Fasting also means controlling anger that affects catecholamine. This hormone will increase when you're angry, impacting your heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure.

Here're some health benefits you have when fasting:

1. Lose weight

Reduced energy intake during fasting makes your body look for other stored sources, namely glycogen and triacylglycerol, to break. Indirectly, this mechanism will reduce fat deposits in your body, so it loses your weight.

2. Improve lipid profile

When you fast, your blood cholesterol improves. Your triglyceride is decreased by approximately 20 percent, and your HDL is increased by 25 percent. With the occurrence of such a mechanism, fasting can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, thus lowering the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries.

3. Increase endurance

When you fast, caloric intake is reduced, resulting in a reduction in the rate of energy metabolism. That's why, your body temperature is generally declining. The drop in body temperature is due to the reduction of oxygen consumption, so the production of free radicals is also reduced.

Decreased oxygen consumption will increase your endurance, and protein consumption becomes more efficient. It rejuvenates your body and prolongs your life expectancy.

4. Keep blood sugar

Fasting also means reduced calorie consumption, so it can reduce the risk of diabetes because this reduction affects the circulation of insulin and controls blood sugar. Meanwhile, insulin sensitivity is increased, and blood sugar is controlled.

5. Improve health, cure disease

During fasting, your body's digestive system takes a rest. The energy that usually activates the digestive system is transferred to metabolism and immunity. Fasting can also help your body heal itself, ranging from asthma, diabetes, ulcer, obesity, allergies, arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and others.

6. Detoxify

When you fast for approximately 14 hours, cells and organs associated with the digestive tract take a rest. At that time, your body detoxifies or cleanses itself from toxic substances entering through food, beverages, as well as the inhaled air. For a while, your body is clean of toxins.

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