Energy drink equivalent to 7 cups coffee

Fresh, delicious effect of energy drink is tempting. However, it hides a big danger for children, adolescents and young people.

So far, the benefits of energy drinks ain't been proven. Children, adolescents and young adults who consume excessive energy drink potentially save a danger because it can lead to heart palpitations, seizures, stroke and sudden death.

What's exactly an energy drink? It's the type of soft drink expected to increase energy and force. For some people, energy drink is drunk with the aim of preventing fatigue and sleepiness. It's classified as soft drink because the impact and health benefit ain't been scientifically proven.

Generally, energy drinks are sold in small bottles, ready to drink.

Threat of energy drinks comes from excessive caffeine. The caffeine in energy drink is 14 times more than in cola. This is equivalent to drinking seven cups of coffee! For adults, it mayn't be a problem. However, it can cause serious health effects for children and adolescents.

It needs to give a warning on every pack of energy drinks such as on cigarettes.

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