Sick on vacation

Vacation will open children's mind. To get a fun trip, preparation is required. On the way there, you can tell them what can be seen, so the children's attention remains focused on the destination, and their enthusiasm awakes.

To dispel the boredom on the road, bring their favorite toys.

On the tour, diseases in children, which is generally diarrhea, sometimes arise. You see, the treatment and the environment around the children won't be as clean as at home. For example, you usually wash bottle and pacifier with hot water. Well, on the trip, hot water mayn't be available.

Traveler's diarrhea suddenly occurs when you're going or returning shortly from an excursion.

To prevent this, beware of the use of water and caution in consuming food. For beverages, for example, always try to drink bottled water in the place the cleanliness doesn't convince you, including for brushing and mixing formula.

Don't consume water with ice cubes or fruit juice you can't guarantee the sterility. You better order hot drinks, but make sure the water is properly boiling.

For food, the main thing to remember is to consume what've been cooked to a boil. When the food is raw, first peel then wash with lukewarm water. Avoid snack at random.

In addition to diarrhea, diseases that may arise are influenza, asthma or allergies. Bring the drugs the pediatricians recommend.

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