Sexual dysfunction

Who says sexual dysfunction only affects the elderly? This dysfunction can ambush young people. Unfortunately, many of the young people are actually trying to delay the arrival of a baby.

Soul and spirit of their youth still consider sexual intercourse to fun.

There're five physical causes that can lead to sexual dysfunction at a young age. Those're fatigue, disease, smoking, drug, and beverages and food.

In general, sexual dysfunction can be divided based on the human sexual response cycle, namely sexual desire disorder, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and orgasm disorder.

Some tips you can do to maintain your lifestyle and sexual health to avoid the problems of sexual dysfunctions are:

1. You must instill the perception since a young age that sex is healthy.

2. You must keep your health and fitness through exercise and healthy diet. You must also manage stress well and have adequate rest.

3. You must enjoy sex regularly. If there're symptoms, don't be shy to immediately consult a sexologist.

4. You must foster sexual communication and variation with your partner.

5. You must always be optimistic that you can overcome sexual problems.

6. You must regularly go to the doctor in case there's any disease or physical abnormality that could lead to sexual disorders.

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