Some say the humpbacked posture is indicating a desire. So certain ethnic female has sex prowess as accustomed to eating a herb. Is it true?

It's a myth. Physically, there's no difference in the vagina by ethnicity. The difference is possibly a view and sexual behavior caused by social and cultural values.

This does cause differences in sexual behavior.

So is the humpback. That's a myth. Sexual potency and desire can't be seen from the physical appearance. By doing so, the view that a woman with slim Achilles tendon has a high sexual potency is wrong.

Sexual arousal is determined by sex hormones, the body's general health, psychological barriers and previous sexual experience. Male sexual performance ain't determined by a large penis, but rather by the ability to have an erection, meet function and control ejaculation.

Therefore, the importance of the penis is only the outer third of the vagina.

Get rid of the earlier myths!

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