D'you feel unhappy? Don't look for a scapegoat. Everyone does have the different ability to rejoice. In fact, the excitement is the first step toward happiness.

Excitement can lead you to happiness. Just don't think the joy is easy to come. For many people, being richer is easier than getting an excitement. Don't you believe it?

In general, you think the outside factors are what make you not able to rejoice. You blame the parents' education or bad luck. In fact, heredity greatly determines how far you can rejoice. Everyone has a different basic ability to rejoice.

Some people are more jovial and resistant to stress than others. They're still able to rejoice despite facing severe trials in their lives. But some are sullen, irritable and moody just because of trivial matters.

So if you wanna become a more jovial person, below are some things you need to remember.

1. Excitement can relieve the bitterness of life.

2. To be more fun, you must be prepared to be responsible for your happiness.

3. The more you resist melancholy, the more you can enjoy life.

4. The choice is entirely in your hands: to have a depressed or cheerful life.

5. To be more fun, get rid of excessive concerns.

6. Give excitement to others, then you carve happiness for yourself.

7. Overcome fear by pretending to be brave.

8. The important thing ain't how much you can save, but how you use the savings wisely.

9. Life is too short to waste with melancholy.

10. If necessary, change the pattern of your life and talk to achieve more excitement.

So cheer up, then happiness will always be with you.

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