Careful to label

Children often experience nonphysical violence such as getting a nickname. Given the nickname, your children will stamp on themselves. They'll identify themselves with the characters.

Punishing your children, you need to realize whether that punishment is balanced with their mistakes or could be a handle to halt such acts again.

Uneducated punishment is making your children as an outlet for anger against your husband, or even your boss.

As a result of this penalty, psychological trauma lasts until your children are in their 40. It can make them not confident and spiteful. After they're becoming parents, the revenge can be positive or negative.

Positively, they won't hit their children because they don't wanna repeat your mistakes. Negatively, they can be overprotective, so their children can't be anything.

Indeed, you sometimes wanna instill discipline but don't realize your actions are pressing your children. Just watching their favorite TV show, for example, they're forced to learn. This is a torture. Why doncha compromise it? Give your children time to watch a half hour.

In other cases, you're forcing your children to major your choice. Why doncha talk to your children to consider their own-chosen major? If they choose architecture, allow them to talk to their architect uncle.

Ask them to measure their own ability whether they're able to take the classes in the future.

This kinda negotiating will put the children as a person who has a right to their own future, as well as guiding and directing as their horizons ain't broad yet.

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