When Teeth Are Caving

Cavities, especially if they're inflamed and on the nerve roots of teeth, will cause extreme pain. Well, how d'you act when exposed cavities?

The cause of cavities is leftovers that settle in the teeth. By bacteria in the mouth, the rest of the food is converted into acid which then forms plaque.

This plaque contains microorganisms that erode tooth enamel and eventually makes cavities.

Originally, cavities are small and not felt. Only if you eat something sweet, or very cold or hot, you'll feel numb. From day to day, the hole is growing bigger and bigger causing inflammation of the nerves of the teeth, and you're experiencing toothache.

In addition to tooth decay, toothache can be caused by the growth of wisdom teeth.

How to cope with cavities can vary. If you don't want any treatment, try rinsing with warm water with salt. This method is tolerable to reduce the pain.

Alternatively, take cotton and dip into clove oil. Apply the cotton into cavities. Essential oils contained in clove oil are efficacious as a local anesthetic that can eliminate tooth pain for a while. However, don't use this way three days in a row because it'll injure the gums.

If you wanna use traditional medicine, take leaves of guava. Rinse and then pulverize. Place the herbs in the aching tooth. Just as oil of clove, guava leaves contain essential oils potent as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

If you wanna use over-the-counter drugs, you can take aspirin and painkillers containing paracetamol, ibuprofen, and mefenamic acid. But these drugs usually relieve pain temporarily. After the effect of the drug is reduced, the pain reappears.

The best way is to go to the dentist. The doctor will examine and simultaneously clean the teeth. When the tooth abscesses, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to relieve inflammation and pain medication.

Hopefully, cavities don't bother anymore. But what more important is to maintain oral hygiene to avoid cavities.

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