Salak Seeds

The sweet potatoes rich in fiber are good enough to overcome constipation. The use of grated coconut in this recipe can be replaced with coconut milk. When the grated coconut is used, this snack will be growing the fiber.


1 lb of sweet potatoes
¼ lb of starch
½ coconut, grated
¼ lb of palm sugar
1 pandan leaf
1 qt of water

How to make:

Boil palm sugar, pandan leaf, and a little salt with one cup of water.
Cook until the sugar dissolves.
Steam grated coconut with a little salt for 10 minutes.
Boil sweet potatoes, peel, cut into pieces, and puree.
Mix sweet potatoes with starch.
Knead until well blended.
Take a handful of potatoes and roll elongated with a diameter of one half inch.
Cut oblique to one inch.
Put them in boiling water.
After potatoes are floating, remove and drain.
Directly enter into liquid sugar.
When you'll eat them, sprinkle with grated coconut.

For 10 servings.

Nutrition facts per serving:

Calorie: 200 kcal
Protein: 1.75 g
Fat: 6 g
Carbohydrate: 36 g
Fiber: 2.3 g

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