Keep Vegetables Fresh

How to store vegetables that we just bought in the market to keep them fresh in storage?

Not infrequently, right, you cook but don't spend all the materials? It makes some vegetables remain and redundant to dispose because you can use to cook next.

Well, how to store the rest of the vegetables to keep them fresh?

If you don't have any refrigerator or electricity coincidentally, a good way of vegetables storing is to incorporate them into a container, such as a keg or pan, of clay. Place the container in a large pot that filled with water half on the ground. Stored vegetables can hold between two and three days.

Or enter vegetables into a dry aluminum pan. Tightly close and store in a cool place. Vegetables will hold up to two days.

Although refrigerated, vegetables can't be durable. To be able to last longer, wrap vegetables with kitchen paper because it'll absorb moisture.

Alternatively, enter vegetables in plastic perforated in several spots. Store in the storage of vegetables and fruit in the fridge.

So, if really have to cook tomorrow morning, you don't need to rush to the market because there's a vegetable inventory.

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