Tips on Getaways

Finally, you and the family arrive at the sights. All family members must have excited and enjoyed the beauty of nature while playing.

1. When playing on the beach, don't forget to use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

2. Remind your children always to drink as not to become dehydrated.

3. Remind them also not to play into the sea.

4. When you go to the mountain and wanna climb it, you'd conform to one day at base camp to prevent diseases caused by altitude. The next day, then begin climbing.

5. Remember, don't dispose of waste in any place. Maintain the cleanliness of the sights you visit.

6. If you wanna taste the local specialties, choose a clean place.

7. Nutritionally balanced diet should still be noted. If you have diabetes and cholesterol, notice sugar and fat at every meal, and don't forget to take medication.

Have a nice holiday.

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