Tips for Traveling

Finally, a vacation trip begins. All members of the family seem happy. Luggage is ready to transport.

Any type of vehicle can cause motion sickness characterized by a cold sweat, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Here're tips to avoid them.

1. When taking a ship, sit in the middle cabin near the waterline. During your stay in the ship, breathe fresh air, and don't read.

2. When in the plane, sit near the front edge of the wing.

3. On the train, choose a window seat facing forward.

4. In the car, sit next to the driver.

5. Don't read.

6. Keep your head leaning.

7. Don't smoke.

8. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol.

9. Don't leave an empty stomach.

Sitting to long can lead fluid accumulating in soft tissue of the foot that risks to increase blood clotting. Therefore, do light exercise during the trip, such as moving the legs, head and neck, and hands.

Hungry on the way, you can open a lunch or stop at a restaurant. When eating in restaurants, to prevent diarrhea, try these tips.

1. Choose the food thoroughly cooked and hotly served.

2. Drink bottled water.

3. Avoid drinks with ice cubes.

4. Wash vegetables before you eat them. You can wash them in the sink. Usually, the vegetables are served in the open state and must have been hit by flying debris.

Remember, before eating, wash hands first. Wash hands with soap. If there's no soap, you can use wet wipes and antiseptics.

Have a good vacation.

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