If You Have to Swallow Antibiotics

Antibiotics work by killing the bacterium cells through a variety of mechanisms. Of the body should they not cause any reaction. Nausea, diarrhea, headache, fever, yellow skin, shock, and so on, are just side effects.

Each antibiotic has a specific property and can't kill all types of germs. Although there're types of antibiotics that can kill many germs, what used for a particular infection should've been specific and appropriate to the illness.

Because it requires specialized knowledge, a decision on this matter should be submitted to the doctor.

Of course, to kill germs goodly and properly, antibiotics must meet several requirements: they can be absorbed by the blood in sufficient quantities, reach infected tissue, be in a concentration, do bacteria quickly and thoroughly not to leave any living as a resistant, and not cause side effects too much to harm you.

For those all, antibiotics should be used with the rules and the correct way. To be sure, if it's absolutely necessary, antibiotics should be taken as early as possible not to be late. Don't be due to caution, you're even afraid to swallow antibiotics which've been prescribed by your doctor. This attitude can be harmful because infections would be severer.

Indeed, it may be the antibiotics prescribe not necessary or contested, but this can't be determined by you. When in doubt, you'd seek the opinion of other doctors.

Another example is the case of boils. You believe that the boils will heal itself because your ancestors were usually sufficient to treat it with frog eggs or black salve then squeeze the pus out. In fact, this action is dangerous because bacteria in boils are highly malignant and can cause complications.

Moreover, massaging boils makes the germs move through the blood vessels or lymph to other parts of the skin or the vital organs. That's why, it's often seen, boils multiply.

Boils are also not sufficiently treated with ointment. It takes a specially systemic antibiotics. However, ampicillin doesn't treat completely because it doesn't match. When reluctant to see a doctor, compress the boils for 10 minutes with hot water several times a day. If in one day, there's no improvement, you'd see a doctor immediately.

Moreover, you often reduce the number of antibiotics because you already feel good. This raises the danger of germ resistance. When the germ eradication ain't completed, probably, the disease will recur.

It's common in tuberculosis that can only be cured by continuous medication in the long term, averagely six months or more. To cure other diseases, such as skin infections, pneumonia, typhoid, bladder inflammation, and so on, it takes a shorter. Usually, antibiotics have still forwarded a few days after symptoms disappear.

Antibiotics must generally be swallowed half an hour before eating. There're several types of antibiotics, such as ampicillin, the absorption is inhibited by food. Swallowing antibiotics with grapefruit juice may also reduce the absorption of many drugs metabolized in the liver or absorbed in the intestine through certain enzymes.

Later, it's revealed that orange and apple juices also have the same properties. Therefore, the drug should be swallowed just with water.

In fact, certain drugs can be reduced up to 60 percent in the blood when you take together with the juices. When these drugs happen to have a narrowly therapeutic window, it's very detrimental. Meanwhile, when the drugs in your body drinking orange juice every day is stable, then when you don't, the levels can raise so high.

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