How to Obtain Quality Sperm

Fertility treatments often require physicians to check the quality of your sperm. The usual advice you hear is, to have a sufficient sperm quality, you shouldn't ejaculate between two to five days.

On the other hand, the volume and sperm concentration are increased with the length of your ejaculation. The rarer your ejaculation is, the more your sperm counts, and the more concentrated its concentration is.

The problem is, the quality of sperm doesn't necessarily guarantee successful pregnancy. There's another determining aspect: the motility, AKA the sperm agility to invade the female reproductive organs to the egg.

Pregnancy is void to occur due to sluggish sperm.

Now, if these two aspects, normal and agile sperms, are reckoned with frequent or infrequent ejaculation, it leads to the conclusion, a normal and agile sperms will reduce when you ain't regularly ejaculating.

In other words, the frequency of a regularly sexual intercourse is the best way of maintaining the quantity and quality of sperm. Several ejaculations in a week is an efficacious way to produce a quality sperm in large quantities.

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