Gorgeous Ayurveda

You often feel not beautiful and less attractive. In fact, you also feel less comfortable with yourself. Various kinds of cosmetics are used to cover the shortfall, whether to disguise wrinkled skin, gray, or black spots.

These all are signs or symptoms of aging.

Supposedly, you ain't to be afraid and cover the arrival of the symptoms of aging. In Ayurvedic principles, cosmetics ain't used to cover something but to improve the situation. If cosmetics are used to cover the wrinkles on the face, this means is just the opposite of Ayurveda which adopts appearing as it is, moreover if the elements in those products contain chemicals or synthetics that can damage the body's balance.

To test the cosmetics safe or not for your body, directly taste or eat. If the substance is toxic, it's definitely not a good idea for the face or skin. All drugs, cosmetics, and oils for massage used in Ayurveda are natural and not synthetic.

In Ayurvedic treatments, personality is first classified. The goal is to match herbal treatments to fit your condition. The results can be maximized and not contradictory.

The treatment can be a massage using antitoxin oils or based on type of body, mental, and emotion. Massage is rejuvenating the body, also serving peace of mind and cultivating emotion.

The subsequent treatment is body scrub. In this section, herb spices are used to exfoliate dead skin, then the body is oiled with balm, sort of lotion of refreshment, and spray as a deodorant. At the time of this treatment, you're made to relax accompanied by songs tailored to each character.

In Ayurvedic treatments, there's also a facial massage. Part of this treatment is often misconstrued to be a shortcut to beauty. Facial massage is indeed gonna make you beautiful. Massage will enable the performance of deep brain, reflex points, and meridians.

Massage also relaxes the muscles in the face. Wrinkles on the face because of the tightened muscles will fade away with this massage.

Indeed, facial massage ain't enough to make you look beautiful. According to Ayurveda, beauty presents itself when you're healthy and happy. Beauty is a reflection of the balance between states of mind, emotion, and body.

Therefore, you're always invited to be friendly to the body. If the conditions of the mind, emotion, and body are balanced, you'll look beautiful and youthful. The key is, change the mindset to be happy.

If the heart is happy, you'll be healthy because the conditions of physique, emotion, and thought are balanced.

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