Diabetes in Children

To have a child whose body is fat, you were happy. However, be careful. It ain't only funny but can be risky to health.

Obesity is one of the most serious health problems. Obesity ain't just a matter of aesthetics but could be because of genes and environment, diet that doesn't meet the balanced nutrition, and lack of activity.

It's required prevention in children from becoming obese, and when it occurs, treatment should be given, so that they don't suffer from other diseases caused by obesity.

Consequences which must be accepted by the obese child is insulin resistance, a condition when sensitivity decreases. Insulin sensitivity is the ability to lower blood glucose by suppressing hepatic production and stimulating utilization in skeletal muscles and adipose tissue.

Insulin resistance can lead to glucose intolerance, disorders of fat metabolism, hypertension, polycystic ovary syndrome, eventually becoming diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2.

For that, if you find signs of suspect in children, it'd be screened the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Screening is very helpful in early diagnosis and management of your children.

When a child is known at an early stage to suffer from DM type 2, then continuously monitored the blood sugar, observed diet that follows pattern of balanced nutrition with the needs of calories per day calculated by age, gender, height, and weight, and regularly exercised, undoubtedly, the child can still be cured.

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