Appropriate Food

Indeed, to be healthy, you don't need cost and difficult method because the universe has provided everything, including the how. To be healthy, it's enough to eating and drinking the body needs.

How do you know the needs of the body? Simply follow the willingness of the body at that time because the desire is a natural alarm or signal in needing something at some point.

If you wanna eat or drink something hot or cold, just follow. Why, it's because the nature of the human body is also divided between the two, hot and cold.

A simple example is, if you're hot, you're active, irritable, and liking to be in a cool place. Meanwhile, if you're cold, you'll be more muted, like warm drinking, and prefer to be in a hot place.

Well, the stomach is cold and hot either. In the cold stomach, spicy eating will be mediocre, even balanced. However, in the hot stomach, if it's filled with spicy food, you immediately feel uncomfortable.

This reaction arises because the body naturally gives signals if its needs are met or excess.

If the body or stomach feels not good, it's the sign to quit the intake. Uneasy feeling is a part of the process of the body to harmonize the yin and yang. If the body is feeling good, it means, yin and yang are balanced.

The yin foods, for example, are vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, the yang foods, among others, are meat and fish.

Vegetables and fruits are mostly cold. However, if you want more detail, note where they grow up. For example, vegetables grown in cool place are hot instead.

Meanwhile, animals are essentially hot because they're always moving, both of which live on land or in water. Unless the animals are kept in cages, the nature will be a yin.

If you're still able to eat hot or cold foods or beverages, it means that your health is good. If your body ain't balanced, for example, just choosing one flavor, either hot or cold, or not both, it's a sign that the body is diseased.

Naturally, the body signals will also be disturbed the function with advancing age. In the elderly, you can't know what the needs of your own body. In this period, organs have begun to diminish the function.

It's characterized by malaise of any food. Desire ain't clear. This condition will come when you're experiencing menopause.

While you ain't old, to be healthy, in addition to eating foods with the principles of yin and yang, it's better supported by the lifestyle that follows a pattern of chi or meridians.

Meridian patterns in the human body have traditionally been used as acupuncture points. At the meridian points, there're various flows of chi. Some are rotating, and others are running inside and outside the veins.

The function of the three chis is the same, namely as the endurance of the germ attacks. Chi trips in and out the blood vessels are opposite. The chi trip patterns offer a lifestyle in harmony and balance. No matter how busy you are, preferably before 23:00, you already go to sleep. If it's forced to work, it'll damage the liver instead.

Here's the pattern of life that follows the chi trip:

7:00 to 9:00

The stomach is optimally working. Don't miss the breakfast for the formation of energy throughout the day. Drinking juice on an empty stomach will easily be absorbed by the body. Pericardium at these hours are working to a minimum.

9:00 to 11:00

The spleen is optimally working. It distributes nutrient fluids throughout the body for the growth energy. When at these hours, you feel sleepy, it means, your spleen function is weak. Reduce consumption of sugar, fats, oils, and animal protein.

11:00 to 13:00

The heart is optimally working. You'd use these hours to rest, and avoid heat, heavy physical exercise and activities that give rise to emotions, especially if you're with impaired blood vessels. Gall bladder is working a minimum at this time.

13:00 to 15:00

The liver is working a minimum. Currently, red blood is gathered in the liver. It happens a process of regeneration of liver cells. When liver function is strong, the body is powerful to ward off disease. The small intestine is working up at these hours, the right time for lunch.

15:00 to 17:00

The lungs are working a minimum. The body needs rest to the disposal of toxin and formation of lung energy. At these hours, the bladder is actually trying to optimal working.

17:00 to 19:00

The kidneys are optimally working. These hours are good to learning that there's a process of growth of the brain and intelligence, as well as the formation of the bone marrow. Colon is working a minimum.

19:00 to 21:00

The stomach works a minimum. Avoid consumption of foods difficult to digest, or stop eating altogether. At these hours, pericardium is working a maximum.

21:00 to 23:00

The spleen is working a minimum due to the process of removing toxins and cell regeneration. You'd break while hearing music that soothes the soul.

23:00 to 1:00

The heart is minimally working. You'd sleep. Late upstaying will weaken the heart function. The gall bladder is optimally working.

1:00 to 3:00

The liver is working a maximum. It happens a process of disposal of toxic products of metabolism of the body. If there's a wound, it'll be a pain. At these hours, the small intestine minimally works.

3:00 to 5:00

The lungs are optimally working due to the process of removing toxins. When the lung function is impaired, it'll trigger coughing and sneezing. Do a breath though. The bladder is working a minimum.

5:00 to 7:00

Colon is optimally to working. Make a habit of regular bowel movements. The kidneys are working a minimum.

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