Sweet Blood

That says, the blood doesn't only have the color and caste; blue blood is for instance. However, it turns out, there's also a taste; bitter or sweet bloods are for example.

You often dub someone who has a hobby of scratching as a sweet blood. The reason is, it's too sweet, so that the skin is susceptible to itching.

Unfortunately, the itching doesn't appear in any location. It always affects the forearm and leg skins. Sometimes, it appears on the forehead and cheeks but is rarely on the skin of the abdomen and buttocks.

Anyway, the rumor is, to have a sweet blood, you're naturally attractive to naughty mosquitoes.

In fact, in retrospect, where do the mosquitoes know, your blood they wanna bite tastes sweet or bitter? Don't mosquitoes have a tongue to taste for blood they suck? Thus, the term of sweet blood ain't appropriate.

Actually, the most fitting term for the charactered itch is a prurigo. It doesn't attack anyone but the gifted. You could be having it since the age of two or five years. Boys are more vulnerable than girls.

This disease is a legacy. If your mother has a prurigo, you or your siblings will inherit it. If the disease is carried by your both parents, you all will be exposed.

Prurigo is usually discovered when your blood is checked. Eosinophil of white blood cell is more than normal. Because it emerged from childhood, what you could do is to prevent the disease not often arising.

If it already attacked, you'd immediately muffle it not to imprint on the skin.

Prurigo stems from a pimple as large as a pinhead not so apparent when you don't touch it. You know it after sensating severe itching. So, you'll scratch it.

The fierce scratching raises blisters followed by advanced skin disorders. These skin disorders leave the problem. On the skin will some sort of crust be there, darker skin followed by infection. The infection appears as boils.

After the boils heal, they're usually leaving black spots that don't disappear.

The easiest prevention is, don't be easily bitten by a mosquito or insect. During sleep, you need pajamas or a canopy bed, so that the skin is protected from mosquito bites. When you go into the garden, camping, or places with many insects, protect your skin by smearing with insect repellent, such as citronella or eucalyptus oils, or liniment.

When the itch comes, familiarize yourself to refrain scratching. Directly apply eucalyptus oil or other itch reliefs. During sleep in the night, to avoid the effect of unconscious scratching, get used to wearing gloves. So, if the hand is scratching, the skin is indirectly scratched by fingernails.

If prurigo has been attacking, you'd be given an ointment containing corticosteroids. If the prurigo is threatened by infection, antibiotics should be added, so boils don't grow.

Prurigo is unbelievably itching. In case of severe prurigo, you even need tranquilizers to be able to sleep soundly.

Prurigo must obviously be tamed, especially for the girls. If you allow infection, it'll make your leg skin star-studded.

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