Sex to Competing

It's a long debate. There're coaches who agree, but many are cons for fear that sex would spend stamina. You know that after sex, testosterone will drop.

Testosterone works for the formation of muscle and improving performance, durability, and physical skills. This hormone is also closely linked to aggressive behavior.

Coach who forbids sex before the game believes that sexual frustration will increase the aggressiveness. If the sex is done, and ejaculation occurs, testosterone is reduced. You're no longer aggressive.

However, until now, there's been no scientific studies that conclude a causal association between sex fasting with improved performance, durability, or strength.

In conclusion, the two schools are equally true and wrong. With or without sex, you can achieve. Sex makes you happy, and if you're happy, you're not gonna run slowly.

It's not about sex before the game, but the critical fact is that you roam throughout the night to look for it.

If you're not an athlete, it's no problem, right?

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