Hotter in the Eyes of Your Partner

Sexual intercourse will be more beautiful if you do enjoy each other. These recommendations can hopefully help to improve your sexual intercourse passion.

1. Respect your body

It's no need to worry how your current body shape is. Remember in yourself that your body is sexy and exciting. Believe it!

2. Create atmosphere

To break the sexual boredom, before heading off to the bed, dress sexily like a Hollywood star, such as using tight or fishnet stocking. You can also wear lingerie or see-through nightgown. This sexy clothing doesn't only serve to satisfy your partner but also your own body.

Feel this outfit stick on the surface of the skin. You'll definitely feel sexy in front of your partner.

3. Exercise sexual organs

It's better if you both do a sex workout. You can follow the yoga movement for sex or tantra. Tandem sweating will excite you both.

4. Play a role

Playing a role can easily increase your passion. Composing erotic and naughty scenarios, such as imitating role in your favorite movie. However, don't mimic it's love scenes exactly. Do what makes you both feel comfortable and happy.

5. Don't fake orgasms

Fake an orgasm ain't the best way. It'll only hurt you and your partner. Being true to yourself and your partner is better. Try to reach orgasm together. If it's not now, another time can you try together.

6. Use the opportunity

Have sex with your partner at every opportunity. You don't need first to read fuck tips of a sex expert. Fuck if there's a chance.

7. Have eye contact

Stare at your partner's eyes during sex. Enjoy your soulmate's chemistry during sex.

8. Kiss

Kissing ain't only done on the lips and mouth. Make hundreds, or even thousands, of kisses all over your partner's body. As a result, you can bet, your partner will achieve orgasm!

9. Be spontaneous

Sexual intercourse shouldn't be done at night. After lunch, else, you can do a quickie. You both can finish it after work. Quickie variations like these make life more beautiful.

10. Stay romantic

Romance doesn't recognize the old. Giving flowers and buying chocolates to your partner are small things that can excite your love. Likewise, your partner who receives it will appreciate the efforts to cultivate the passion of your love.

11. Exercise fucking

Sexual intercourse also needs practicing. In addition to better understanding in the more sensitive points, it's also how to stimulate them. There may be a new surprise where new stimulation points are met which you don't know before.

Are you ready? Enjoy a nonstop adventure.

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