Grace of Bees

This condensed liquid is actually worker bees' souvenirs for their families daily working at home. We, humans, use it for the health of our bodies.

Honey is good for health because it contains glucose enzyme. When bound with water, it'll produce antiseptic and disinfectant hydrogen peroxide.

The sweet taste of honey is derived from alone standing glucose and fructose, unlike fused sugar. As a result of these separate compounds, it takes longer to convert fructose into energy.

With this slow metabolism, your blood sugar doesn't necessarily rise. Meanwhile, if you eat sugar, chemical changes into energy take place immediately.

In honey, you can also find vitamins C and B complex, and minerals needed by the body, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, and sulfur. Although relatively few in number, minerals in honey are ideal sources for the human body because the balance and the amount approach what contained in blood.

Eating honey for granted every day will increase antioxidant and polyphenolic in the blood and reduce the risk of damage to cells by free radicals. As a result, the endurance increases.

Some infectious diseases of various pathogens can be cured and inhibited by honey, such as diseases of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, skin, acute respiratory infection, cough, fever, heart, liver, lungs, eyes, ears, and nerves.

Although honey is good for health, you must still be careful. The calorie of fructose and glucose is high. One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories while sugar has 32.

In order to maintain stamina and health, two tablespoons two times a day are sufficient. However, to cure or treatment, honey is better consumed in the form of a solution in water because it'll facilitate the absorption in the body.

Honey should be consumed two hours before meals or three after eating. Honey is good enough for toddlers to boost their appetites but not recommended for infants because the first and foremost food is breast milk.

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