Peaceful Living with Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a health nuisance in adults. However, you're often interrupted due to pregnancy and childbirth that facilitate the onset of hemorrhoids.

Swelling of veins settled and raised chronically in the anus is increasingly enlarged if not maintained properly.

Initially, hemorrhoids are inside the rectum. When continued, it will form lumps on the surface although can still be pushed. In further stages, it's instead settled outside the anus. By itself, it begins disturbing when you're standing, walking, or sitting.

Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by pain and rupture of blood vessels during defecation. Of course, this can lead to many changes.

Usually, the bleeding will stop on its own. However, if it won't, the best course of action is to rest, tightening buttock muscles and compressing the rectum with ice. Betel leaves heated on the fire and rolled like a cigarette can be inserted into the rectum.

You can also use suppositories which can be purchased at pharmacies. Preferably, this is done while you're prone. As the name implies, a suppository is inserted into the rectum slowly; buttock muscles are tightened, so that the medicine is pushed.

Because suppositories are made of material that'll melt when positioned at body temperature, it must be stored in a refrigerator.

Living with hemorrhoids can actually be made quite comfortable when you know how to prevent. First, defecation should be done regularly. For this, you need to get used every day at the same time, e.g. after breakfast. Take the time and don't rush.

Every day, drink should be enough, so that the consistency of the stool remains moist and not dry.

You can also stimulate the colon by massaging the stomach, starting from the bottom right, upclimbing straight, crossing over to the left, eventually going down. This ritual can stimulate the colon to push the stool toward the rectum to facilitate defecation.

When the rectum is cleaned of dirt every day, you'll always feel fit to move. It's also improving blood flow in the anus; that ain't easily swell and forms hemorrhoids.

Eating chilies will facilitate the development of hemorrhoids and bleeding. The food also needs to contain a lot of fiber found in vegetables and fruits. However, contrary to popular opinion, soft and pureed foods won't help to facilitate defecation.

You may also find what kind of food gonna facilitate defecation. Eating soursop is also helpful.

Surgery or injecting by a specialist is the last attempt if hemorrhoids are already large and easily bleeding. It's just, when defecation habits ain't corrected, hemorrhoids are definitely back again.

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