Enjoy Eating

Consciously or not, your diet is already possessed by fast-food style. Promote the slow-food movement as a resistance to globalization of fast food.

Fast food appears as your own demands. Old and young want instants. Fast is regarded as a necessity, either by you or the manager of the restaurant. As a result, the need to eating becomes merely to repel hunger.

Sometimes, for the sake of the ritual, the breakfast is done in the vehicle when traffic jams, then lunch is implemented while continuing the work, and the evening meal is eaten while reading a newspaper or magazine.

All is done because you have to chase time. You interpret time with money. Time is money. A calm meal rituals with chatting and chewing food until creamed is even more faded.

Practicality is a plus fine of fast-food dining. What's a fast if not practical? In fact, it's become a kind of lifestyle. Look, how proud the villagers are, coming to the city and tasting the fast food whose restaurant brands are worldwide.

However, behind the practicality and prestige, fast food is usually low in fiber, completely lacked of nutrition, but abundant in saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and calories. These will overload the body's metabolic system when digesting, especially if eaten in a hurry.

Predictably, slow-food movement is intended as a resistance against the globalization of fast food. The spirit of this movement is to save the cultural heritage of the original dining around the world. Don't let the eating traditions and foods in the world destroyed, eroded by popularity of fast food.

If done consistently, over the long term, slow food potentially has a direct impact on the environment. If a million people turn to locally produced food for one year only, the mankind will cut 625 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. It's not bad, right?

Slow food invites you to return to the natural rhythm of eating. One of them is by paying attention to diet. Avoid fast food and get used to eat healthy natural with no rush, slower and quieter. It takes you back to the kitchen, retracing the trail when your mother or grandmother prepared meals of the original material.

Vegetables, meat, and seasonings, everything is all natural.

Slow food is contradictory to the present era. It's not easy to educate people who've been affected by globalization to understand this slow-food movement and needing a long education. In fact, when you're already overweight, you'll be battered again by calorie diet.

You have the right and ability to get a good and healthy food.

For that, you need awareness and education early to evoke the taste. For example, a small training workshop to distinguish the taste of orange syrup with real juice, including organic and nonorganic aroma.

These activities should've been conducted since kindergarten.

Slow in the fast lane, in fact, isn't just a movement to resist eating style, but it also invites you to interpret life, feel the process. Dining with a slow tempo helps the digestive process in terms of the absorption of nutrients.

The digestion process also runs in stages, not in a hurry, so the nutrient absorption could be maximum, tuned with the natural rhythm of the body. Activity of your mother's or grandmother's cooking style that's not in a hurry and lived is also a part of recreation and relaxation.

This diet will prevent the agricultural system from large-scale exploitation. Imagine if all the world's food menu is fast. A uniform diet due to the influx of fast-food franchises all over the world will be alarming.

It's not only to be bad for health but also to threaten the balance of nature.

The proliferation of fast-food outlets around the world is to force to apply monoculture system. Plants will be uniform according to demand of the fast-food industry, such as broiler chickens and wheat. Local flora and fauna might be marginalized.

Slow-food movement have a dream that one day, crops and livestock are to be produced naturally, not in a hurry and in large numbers for the sake of the market. Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic drugs are excluded.

By itself, the natural balance will be maintained because the creatures that live in the surrounding agricultural ecosystems aren't killed.

Slow food is putting togetherness in the enjoyment of eating because it's not in a hurry. It's no matter whether you're an adherent of food combining or vegetarian. The most important thing is to enjoy.

What about you?

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