Childbirth without Pain

Actually, giving birth is a happy event for you, but what more often heralded is just a great pain, although it's an assumption or myth. Most of you fear a normal delivery.

Hypnobirthing makes the naturally normal birthing process be comfortable and not intimidating.

Hypnobirthing is of hypnotic and birthing; it doesn't mean that you'll be hypnotized to fall asleep or unconscious during childbirth, but it's a method of planting positive suggestions when the brain has to be in a relaxed state.

The use of hypnosis therapy has been approved, including what used to ease the process of childbirth that ain't been widely known.

Childbirth is a natural process, and it's painful. However, most of you feel the pain severer than it'd be because you've been influenced by panic and stress. Moreover, all of you grow up, poisoned with the knowledge that natural childbirth is very painful.

The result is the appearing of the concept of fear-tension-pain. The fear is causing tension or panic that the muscles become stiff and eventually pains, similar to psychosomatic symptoms.

Many cases of birth experience problems due to the fear-tension-pain, so the medical treatment is often done to expedite the process of birth. Unfortunately, today, cesarean section becomes the first choice for delivery.

Cesarean section is chosen to avoid the natural birth process often spelled very painful and suffering, especially for the birth of your first child. Whereas, the natural birth process is safer, healthier, and comfortable for you and your baby.

It takes practice to be able to relax during childbirth. One is the method of hypnobirthing.

Indeed, of pregnancy, there's a contraction or muscle tension. Of course, it hurts. These contractions are very useful and help you to push to find a way out for your baby. If you're strained, the birth canal becomes stiff instead, making your baby hard to get out.

When you're tense, stiff, and contracting, you're clearly getting uncomfortable because of the pain. It's better to push while keeping up the pressure of your baby's head. The delivery is faster and convenient.

If you're much screaming or shouting, you're just wasting a lot of energy. It's better, energy to shouting is channeled to push, so your baby becomes easier to exit.

Actually, old mothers have done most hypnobirthing programs consciously or not. In hypnobirthing, there's a positive self-programming. Of course, you ever remember why formerly, expectant mothers liked to wear a pin on their shirts.

According to myth, it's to repel evil spirits. Though, it aims to remind the mother constantly to be aware and vigilant. While moving the pin, the mother prayed for her and her baby survived until the time of the birth arrived.

It's easy to learn. One example of the simple exercise is to make relax from head to feet muscles by the way of loosening. Then proceed to catch your breath slowly. Both eyes are directed at one point on the ceiling that leads to close, listening to the music that supports a relaxed atmosphere.

In a relaxed state, enter a positive program. Say in your heart slowly and consciously, "I and my baby will grow up healthy, and when laboring, I deal with peace." This exercise is carried out continuously until the birth.

Keep in mind, in inserting the positive program, to avoid the word "not" to be effective. For example, avoid the word "not pain" to "comfortable". The type of music can be tailored to your needs which can make you calm and comfortable.

If you're already adept at practicing hypnobirthing, you could communicate directly with your baby. For example, with the help of the pendulum, you can determine the sex of your child. Your baby will respond by ordering the pendulum to rotate to the left when it's a boy or right for a girl.

The most important thing is you and your child to be healthy. Male or female is thankful as a gift from God. The main purpose of your direct communication with your baby is to feel emotional bond to your fetus.

Hypnobirthing involves deep relaxation, slow breathing, and how to release endorphins in the body which allows you to enjoy the birth safely, gently, fastly, and without the surgery. This therapy teaches you to understand and let go of the fear-tension-pain syndrome that's often the cause of great pain and discomfort during the birth process.

In hypnobirthing, pain is a natural thing, and it takes a normal childbirth. What to omit is a fear and tension. When you give birth free of fear and tension, the muscles in the body, including the uterus, will experience relaxation which will lead to the process easier and stress-free.

The process stages of birth with hypnobirthing become shorter, reducing your fatigue during the struggle. You're still fresh, full of energy after giving birth. With hypnobirthing, childbirth is a harmony event that follows the will of the body and the baby.

The process of childbirth becomes softer. If you're advanced in hypnobirthing, you have a skill verbally and visually on the natural ability to follow an ideal way to give birth. You trust birth instinct in your body, that it's created to work in harmony rhythm while outing the baby into the world.

You're able to communicate with baby's mind to cooperate in the process of birth into the world.

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