Sexual Communication

Have you ever taken the time for a moment to talk about your sexual life? If it's so, you're included in healthy couples in sexual communication. You so know what your partner wants.

Conversely, if it's not, start immediately. Therefore, a goodly sexual communication is needed to harmonize your sexual life.

The conversation about what you like and dislike in a sexual relationship is important. However, in reality, you don't do it. You're talking sex only when there're problems in the sexual relationship. When you're not satisfied, you start talking about what you want while your partner is often ignored.

Sexual communication can also be done nonverbally. This is especially required when you want a sexual intercourse. You may ask to have sex with body language. You can develop a variety of sexual cues.

In that way, your partner has a time to overcome the refusal to make love. Although he or she isn't in the mood, your partner will appreciate the gesture you give.

Some examples of the sexual cues to your partner are:

1. White silk cloth is a cue for a gently and lovingly sexual intercourse. You seem to indicate, you are still sacred and want your partner to move slowly and give you an intimate affection.

2. Stimulating and exotic perfume is a cue for a sniff and being enjoyed with full lust by your partner. A stimulating and exotic perfume can generates pleasure.

3. Naked sleep is a gesture of openness to sense any kind of sexual intercourse. You wanna feel open to whatever gonna happen.

So, what cues can you give to your partner if you wanna have sex? One example is only wearing sexy panties when heading to bed.

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