He Suddenly Falling in Love

It ain't another woman. It could be a new hobby. Without understanding, the relationship that's long existed in harmony can be cracked.

Don't worry; it can be tackled anyway.

He who'd been sharing for years with you was suddenly crazy about climbing mountains, and once it didn't exist in his mind. Because you ain't interested, finally, he was venturing alone.

You were worried that he fell from the top of the mountain or met beautiful women. You then thought to have lost him.

Fortunately, you were quickly realized that he just wanted to enjoy his hobbies. He didn't think of other women besides you. You then realize that if you don't give him the freedom to run the hobby, you might even lose him.

Finally, you negotiated and found a way that his interest could be a tool for your development. Eventually, you travel along that ain't just solely to the mountain. Even if you'd eventually be at home, you can do your own hobby or go with friends.

In the course of time, you're exposed to his changes. Most of you regard the change as a loss, and it's very frightening. You feel threatened. You fear, he changes his favorite; he'll probably choose the alternative that makes him leave you.

The main reason for divorce is your inability to accept his change and development.

What important is how to balance intimacy with his autonomy, love him without your own personal loss, and do enjoyment without his misery.

If you wanna maintain a relationship, you must develop flexible strategies to receive a normally and healthily personal development. A successful strategy is to respect his needs and apply open communication.

Sharing an interest will assist you to accept his changes. His signs of development ain't considered as a threat.

The change doesn't mean a threat to happiness or well-being. It could even provide additional robustness in a variety of fields. You can accept a new element in his life, or ideally, you can enjoy it. If it ain't possible, you can accept it as his interest development which could also means the possibility of the emergence of your renewability.

The pharmaceutics is derived from the ability to give him freedom to grow and do something he likes. You'd be appreciated if you're able to do that without feeling to be left, and as a reward, you walk a lasting relationship.

Do you agree?

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