Fight Gray with Green Coconut

Green coconut water, especially young ones, contains glucose, sucrose, fructose, minerals, and amino acids. The chemical substances, such as enzymes, are able to break down toxin.


1. Poisoning

Drink a green coconut water until the end.

2. Heatiness

A green coconut water is mixed with a chicken egg. Stir and drink.

3. Fever

A glass of coconut water and one tablespoon of honey are mixed evenly. Drink twice a day, each one glass for adults or a half for children under five years.

4. Urinary stones

A green coconut is pared. Punch a five to six centimeters hole at the top; fuel on the fire to boil. After cool, drink as well. Do it once a day.

Punch a hole through a green coconut; put a chicken egg. Beat it; drink straight from the coconut hole.

5. Cholera

A green coconut is cut at the top and bottom. Punch a hole through the top. Heat over the fire to boil for 10 minutes. After cool, drink twice a day.

6. Hair loss

A young green coconut is cut at the top and bottom. Give a hole at the top. Give a little salt. Condense outdoors overnight. Use the water to moisten the scalp with a massage. Perform in the afternoon after a bath.

7. Fever due to insect bites

Drink green coconut water as much as possible.

8. Pain before menstruation

Coconut water is mixed with palm sugar. Drink twice a day for three consecutive days before menstruation.

9. Allergies due to weather

A green coconut water is mixed with a quarter cup of pure honey. Drink for three days in a row.

10. Difficult to sleeping

Five pieces of green coconut tree roots are washed and cut. Boil with a glass of water until half. Strain and drink a half of the liquid before bed.

11. Pinworms

A quarter of green coconut and one carrot are grated. Mix these two ingredients with a glass of water. Squeeze and strain. It'd be taken at night before bed.

12. Gray hair

A green coconut is shredded. Squeeze the milk. Add salt and leave overnight. Use to wash.

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