Teach 3R in Children

The hum of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R) in recent years should also be transmitted to children from an early age. Here're some practical examples to instill environmental awareness to children.


1. Familiarize your children to take food in moderation.

2. Use writing paper on both sides.

3. If you want shopping to the supermarket, take your children to prepare a bag from home.

4. Don't get your children used to rely on disposable takeout difficult to decompose, such as styrofoam.

5. If you buy refill products, select a large volume.


1. Encourage your children to wash container of salt, sugar, or marbles.

2. Encourage your children to wash the bottles of syrup to be used as a drinking water container in the refrigerator.

3. In grading time, ask them to cut up the length of blank pages in the rest book. Fold to be used as a notebook or streaks.

4. Take them to donate unused clothing or toys. In addition to reducing waste, it'll also foster the social sensitivity.


1. Invite them to make a compost. Collect organic waste, such as pieces of vegetable and fruit peel. Pile in the soil. Leave until blackened about two weeks then use as a cultivation.

2. Encourage your children to play making recycled paper. Cut the paper into small pieces. Soak or boil for easily creamed. Blend to a pulp. Add water, until it reaches the consistency. Form with a mold according to the desired size. Dry out below the hot sun then be it.

3. Encourage your children to use cardboard of milk containers as a gift wrapping.

4. If you're creative enough, encourage your children to take advantage of refill packs to make a bag or pencil case.

Explain to them not to be selfish. Garbage is a common problem. Every family should have an awareness of the environment.

It may sound cliche, but the recipe will remain a reliable way. It's starting from small things. It's starting from yourself. It's starting from now, since they're children.

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