Sex Makes Healthy

Satisfaction in bed is related closely to health, but do you know, sexual activity also gives a positive effect, especially when this one is kept until old?

So, you know just:

1. Sex burns fat and boosts immunity.

2. Sex encourages the brain to produce endorphins, natural painkillers by the body.

3. Sex relaxes the stress and provides a sense of fun.

4. Sexually active people have a natural sex hormone higher than the inactive. The more active you are, the more you wanna have sex.

5. Physical changes due to the aging process in people whose sexual life is active won't be for those inactive. The sexual desire isn't so affected by the aging process.

6. Don't limit sex to penetration. There're many variations of ways to familiarize yourself physically, and everything is good for health.

7. Energy spent during intercourse is equivalent to walking up two stairs, so it's rarely harmful. However, if you suffer from certain health problems, consult a doctor.

8. Being active sexually is healthy both physically and emotionally, but still, you must be very careful against diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse.

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