How to Use Cooking Oil

After knowing the types of cooking oil on the market, then keep in mind the following advice in the use:

1. Choose cooking oil as needed due to any kind, when used in excess, isn't good.

2. Choose cooking oil not only by color and appearance. Read the composition label. Cooking oil not clear could be because carotenoids or other compounds.

3. Saturated fatty acid cooking oil may be used over and over if it's still clear, but it'd not be used more than twice. Meanwhile, unsaturated fatty acid cooking oil shouldn't be used over and over.

4. Choose a good quality cooking oil. The characteristic is a high smoke point. That is, the cooking oil just starts to smoke at high temperatures. When the oil begins to smoke, the compounds begin to malfunction.

5. Avoid solid cooking oil. It's more crispy but has the high fat.

6. When frying, try as much as possible to avoid an excess oil absorption into food. The trick is, if you make a fried banana or tempeh, dip into wheat or rice flour mixture before.

7. To prevent excessive oil, after frying, drain foods until no more dripping.

It's more healthier when eating fried foods is interspersed with a nonfried. For example, today, in the menu, you have fried tofu, then tomorrow, it'd be made pepes that doesn't use oil. Don't forget to be balanced with fiber from vegetables and fruits.

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