Fight Coronary Heart with Rose

Rose, who doesn't know? Ornamental flower known as the queen is a symbol or emblem of religious life in human civilization.

Flowers, leaves, and roots of roses contain polyphenols. The leaves also contain saponins and tannins. Meanwhile, the roots contain saponins and flavonoids.

1. Cough

Take 3 fresh roses; brew with one cup of hot boiled water then drink as well.

2. Coronary heart disease

Boil 2 red roses and 15 g of Javanese ixora with 500 ml of water until it remains 200 ml. The water is filtered. Drink warm. Apply two times a day.

3. Measles

Boil 5 roses, 20 g of turmeric, and 2 segments of cane with 600 ml of water until it remains half. Drink the boiled water two times a day.

15 roses are boiled in three cups of water until it remains three fourths. When cold, strain and then drink. Do it three times a day three-quarter cup each.

4. Hair loss

1 rose is mixed with 10 strands of freshly young hibiscus leaves, a handful of white heads, 5 shield aralia leaves, 1 pandan leaf, and 10 jasmine flowers. Wash clean. The materials are put into a non-stick pan. Then add the sesame oil, coconut oil, and walnut oil a half of cup each. Heat until boiling then remove. After chilling, filter. It's ready to use. Apply the mixture of oil to the entire scalp with a mild massage. Do it at night before bed. Next morning, hair is washed. Do it two to three times a week.

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