Delay Not Your Eating

In a world of haste and professionalism, sometimes, you're more concerned with work than the body. In fact, the body is a capital for working, isn't it?

If you postpone meals once or twice, it's never mind, but if it continues, it's to affect the health of your body. Irregular eating will greatly affect the workings of the brain.

If headwork is incompetent, in the end, your work can mess.

Brain fatigue doesn't necessarily feel like that tired body. Brain is refined. It's in contrast to the muscles. Energy source for brain is glucose in the blood. The glucose is obtained from the energy source you eat.

The energy sources are, yes, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

In addition to glucose, the brain requires other nutrients for the metabolism, i.e. amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Glutamate is an amino acid whose one of the role is as a transmitter for more than half of the nerve terminals in the brain. In healthy people, the amino acid or glutamate can be produced by the body.

Meanwhile, folic acid is classified as a water-soluble vitamin. Folic acid can be found in vegetables, yeast, nuts, liver, and fruit.

In adults, deficiency of folic acid affects depression, also anemia. A lack of folic acid should be wary to the pregnant mothers because it'll affect the formation of the fetus' nerves, as babies born with an unclosed spine and a poking spinal cord or neural tube defects.

In addition, the lack of nutrients in the long term can cause disturbances in brain metabolism.

That's why it'd be unwise if you have irregular eating patterns. Irregular eating greatly affects the brain works as a power supply is also inconsistent. If you eat too late, blood glucose will drop. Thinking ability becomes impaired; concentration is decreased, coupled with emotional stability disturbances.

If it's so, it's natural that your work error rate increases.

Disordered eating may be the impact of the globalization process. Looking slightly to the back, in the past, most people worked with a high enough physical intensity. Understandably, once, more and more people worked as farmers.

Their muscles were trained for hoeing, plowing, pulling carts, and other activities that used other high calories.

Because it's more muscular, the food can be large in quantities and high in calories and fiber as the traditional menu of vegetables that contain coconut milk, also grilled fish or meat. Heart patients must helm to eat this traditional food.

Though, not necessarily, traditional foods quite high in calories and saturated fats aren't healthy, provided that being coupled with a high enough physical activity. The fact is now, physical activity is reduced while you're wanting a good food but pressed for time.

This opportunity is seized by fast food stalls.

The fast food in demand would've to be good. To be good, consequently, it must contain high sugar and fat, as well as a tempting food flavoring. Unfortunately, the western-style fast food is low in fiber. Automatically, the nutritional contents are unbalanced.

Once or twice, it's okay to eat these foods, but some of the office workers consume them almost every day.

So, don't delay your lunch.

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