Prosperous Old

Malnutrition in the elderly is a consequence of a variety of social, economic, physical, somatic, and environmental problems. In sickly elderly patients, malnutrition increases complications of disease, requires a longer healing time, and causes medical costs to swell.

Accordingly, nutrition needs to be considered as part of the treatment itself to better and efficient disease management.

Disorders of mobilization, aerobic capacity, senses, and chewing ability, also drugs, cause the elderly susceptible to malnutrition. Psychological factors, such as depression and dementia, also socioeconomics, can cause the elderly malnourished.

Malnutrition impairs immunity, inhibits wound healing, decreases quality of life, and increases mortality and the cost of the use of health facilities.

The longtime paradigm: old is definitely unprosperous; pain is common due to aging; the older you are, the more troublesome you are to the family, is still one of the issues that must be faced. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there's still a great desire of certain parties or services which too impose and maintain the fragmented management of patients, especially to the elderly, and don't see as a whole and integrated human being.

Consumption of a good nutrition isn't only done at the time of old age. Saving up early nutrition needs to be done to prevent the onset of many degenerative diseases and decreased quality of life. The awareness of the importance of maintaining the nutritional needs since the middle age is expected to have a healthy old both physically and mentally, so you still can work and enjoy as an ideal.

To be able to stay healthy, since the middle age should you consume a complete and balanced nutrition for sufficient energy to move, exercise, and think positive. Natural nutrient can be obtained from foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and meats, also a variety of others.

What the body needs is more than just certain vitamins and minerals but all of the nutrients.

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