Prepregnancy Dental Checkup

Many pregnant women complain of shaky teeth. Some of them even have the unpleasant experience, their teeth are dislodged when they're pregnant. Most of the people consider it a reasonable occurrence in pregnancy. Really?

The answer is clearly a no. It's long been known, during pregnancy, there's a change in women's hormonal balance causing a variety of symptoms, such as darkening nipples, spots on the face, even supposedly emotional changes.

These hormonal balance changes also give symptoms of the teeth and the surrounding tissues. Connective tissue in the gums has a hyperplasia. It means that the cells multiply, and the blood vessels is increasing the permeability, so that it becomes easier to be pervaded by the fluid.

Changes in the tissues surrounding the teeth are similar to inflammation, so the condition is called gestational gingivitis. At this gestational gingivitis, gums appear swollen, brightly red, and easily bleeding. The tissue propping power is reduced, so that the teeth are wobbly and easily dislodged.

The same thing actually happens also at puberty, when hormonal balance changes, or in women who use contraceptives.

On swollen gums, food is easier to squeeze, yet we know, food scraps left on the teeth, due to bacterial plaque, can be the base of the formation of cavities. Changes in the gums and blood vessels due to the hormonal changes are also causing germs in dental plaque to thrive.

When oral hygiene during pregnancy is maintained, the bacterial plaque won't cause problems. The problem is, generally, expectant mothers, probably due to hormonal changes, are often becoming lazier, including to maintain dental and oral hygiene.

Another important problem of dental health is caries or cavities. Cavities, if ignored, especially until the infection, will cause pain. You so have to take analgesics or antibiotics that can harm fetal growth.

So, does it let sick? It's certainly not impossible! If the teeth need to be removed, generally, doctors don't wanna do it because the action carries the risk of pregnancy. A local anesthetic needed to causing numbness can cause the womb to contract.

In the first and the last tree months of pregnancy, this contraction can cause miscarriage or premature labor.

So that all the problems don't happen, in the time before pregnancy should you check your teeth up to doctors. Even for couples getting married, dental checkup for bride is a premarital health program. You don't know when the pregnancy is coming, so get ready before getting married.

For those of you who intend to become pregnant in the near future, the following suggestions could be implemented:

1. Check your teeth up to your doctor, so that when the teeth are hollow, they can be treated. Cavities and rots are the source of infection, not only in teeth but also in other organs. If there're teeth that need to be removed, the dentist can pull before you get pregnant.

2. Take care of oral health on a regular basis because a plaque that contains bacteria is always there on the teeth, and hormonal changes in pregnant women's gums will make it thrive, moreover if you've been using birth control pills. 022129

Hopefully, with the dental checkup and care before pregnancy, you could live well.

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