Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is very frightening for you. However, what measure are you exposed to premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation varies among men. Some are incredibly fast, that when flirting, you can ejaculate. Even when chatting or holding hands with a woman, you ejaculate.

A higher level occurs when making out, and your wife stimulates your penis. What makes your wife pisses off, you ejaculate just as your penis in contact with the vaginal entrance.

The more disappointing is, premature ejaculation occurs when coitus just begins. The situation is very disappointing and frightening for you and your partner.

The funny thing is, you use minutes in assessing premature ejaculation. Do you look at the clock during sex?

Premature ejaculation measure is with a nudge or wobble. Certainly, you and your wife can count it. The result is something like this. The majority of women is able to achieve orgasm when the fondle is enough then having sex until 20 thrusts.

Rarely, wife can reach orgasm under 10 thrusts. Feelingly, the 10-thrusts is still very fast. Shaken or driven anything like it, she seems hard to orgasm. However, of course, there's also the wife very difficult to reach orgasm, even though up to 60 thrusts.

Well, the 20-thrusts has been the benchmark for determining a person affected by premature ejaculation or not. If you can't resist ejaculation above 20 pushes, you suffer from premature ejaculation. From there, it's deepened whether you actually suffer from premature ejaculation or not, then whether it's severe or not.

So, this is very helpful for the treatment and confidence.

The problem is, you, with the ability to pushing below 20, are embarrassed to be treated. In your mind, you're still able to have sex even though she's not reached orgasm. You're not aware that you're wife is disappointed.

Well, how many boosts can you give?

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