Importance of Lubrication at Intimate Relations

One of the obstacles that may occur when sexual intercourse takes place is the lack of lubricants which function to facilitate the penis to penetrate into the vagina.

If this condition is imposed, the vagina will feel pain; the penis will become sore due to friction. Marital relationship becomes no favors. How do you get around this intimate relationship to continue running without a hitch?

Lubrication plays an important role in the marital relationship. No lubrication will hinder the achievement of orgasm. Lubrication also doesn't occur smoothly if there's a psychological disorder. For example, anxiety, depression, and even stress, can make libido decreased. So that at the time of sexual intercourse, vaginal lubrication is decreased, and consequently, you'll feel pain during penetration.

It's for the women, so it happens with men. Psychic disturbances cause penile erection difficult and premature ejaculation. As a result, intercourse doesn't take place smoothly.

Natural lubricating fluid comes out when the vagina has been aroused. Ideally, you issue this natural lubricant when you get aroused. You need a lubricant that can reduce pain during sex and increase satisfaction. Lubrication also occurs in men which is a clear liquid instead of sperm out of the penis when aroused.

However, under certain conditions, this lubrication can be reluctant to come out during sex. The reason is because the husband or the wife isn't in the mood. It could be due to fatigue or illness. Not a bit of healthy women undergo vaginal dryness.

You may experience vaginal dryness due to various reasons, ranging from breastfeeding, menstruation, menopause, to lack of estrogen due to smoking.

If the natural lubricant doesn't come out, nothing wrong is using the artificial. Now, many artificial lubricants are offered at various pharmacies and supermarkets. For men, the recommended use of lubricants are oil, water, or silicone-based. While for women, it's recommended to use water-based lubricants that'll reduce the possibility of infection in the vagina.

The use of lubricants shouldn't be excessive, and it's better if these lubricants are only lubricated thinly, just before penetration.

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