Don't Underestimate Sore Throat

Almost everyone has experienced sore throat. Throat feels like to be hot and dry. Many people take it lightly. In fact, it couldn't be because of a sore throat only, but there're other diseases that piggybacks.

Causes of sore throat are usually viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Inflammation is actually a reaction of the body's organs to something. The form can be a flushed color or swelling, also a bad taste in the throat.

Inflammation can occur due to pollution or allergies, such as exposure to cigarette smoke or dust.

Usually, the problem is a sore throat caused by viral, fungal, or bacterial infections. In this case would appear conspicuous symptoms, such as heat, high fever, and a severe sore throat. In fact, not less, a person is lying in bed with a cough and runny nose.

Sore throat caused by a virus that often happens around us is influenza. Usually appear cough and cold. You need to distinguish between the cough and cold with the flu. Cough and cold is easy to cure, enough with medications. Even so, the cough and cold may be an early symptom of the flu.

If you got a flu, you're not only interrupted by a cough and cold, but you'll be difficult to move. Coupled with dizziness and headache, high fever, and chills or malaise is the misery complete already.

Cough itself is a mechanism of your airway to reject foreign objects that interfere with breathing. If there's an irritation of the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract, there'll be a reaction to refuse by coughing up reflexively.

The mechanism is, there's an air coming from the lungs and throwing anything along its path through the mouth. This hiccup sometimes happens when you eat as you talk. It's a reflex to protect the airway.

The cold function is also similar to the cough. Only in this case, what guarded from the foreign objects is the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract. Once a foreign object enters, the membrane will produce mucus continuously to reject out.

When not dealt immediately, sore throat caused by a viral or bacterial infection will be dangerous. The infection will be spread everywhere through the mechanism of the blood. It'll be dangerous when hitting the more vital organs.

Sore throat is impressed not too heavy because what inflamed isn't a vital organ in the body. Remember, the throat is a passing place of food and respiratory tract. A great swelling in the throat can make you difficult to breath, also swallow food.

When stricken with sore throat, hoarse complaints often arise, so you're difficult to speak. The inflammation is already on the vocal cords. Actually, not directly on your vocal cords, they pulsate due to movement of the muscles in the surrounding area.

When the mucous membrane that covers the larynx is swollen, your vocal cords vibration becomes imperfect though its muscles move. The muscles of the vocal cords can't move maximally due to the hit of the swollen mucous membranes.

Overcoming sore throat is actually easy, especially if the cause isn't an infection. By keeping the immune system and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash, the inflammation is able to get out. If coincidentally is an antiseptic mouthwash difficult to obtain, you can try traditional recipes, enough to boiling betel leaves or turmeric. To reduce swelling, rinse with salt water.

If just with the antiseptic can you recover, why do you beat it with antibiotics? Antibiotics can be issued with a view to preventing the complications that'd arise.

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